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What to Drink?

Quality Ales in a Quality Pub

We used to update this part of the website to show which ales are serving, next up and in stillage. Unfortunately this proved impossible to maintain. Bountiful Beryl the Victorian Beer Engine only has four cylinders and the beer going through them changes constantly. I try to keep at least one 'bitter' style ale on because the customers like something a bit traditional, something darker and a couple of lighter ales. It doesn't always work as some beers sell faster than others, but we do our best. Other than that expect variety and quality.

Bottled Beers

As we only have one draft lager we usually keep a couple of 500ml bottled lagers available if the tap doesn't tempt. We also usually have some 500ml Westerham Brewery bottled ales to cater for those that require gluten free. Also expect some bottled cider for a bit of fizz, and something alcohol free for the drivers.


We have only one draught lager but it won't be run of the mill stuff, why serve Australian or Canadian lager when Germany and Belgium are just across the channel. We like to keep the lager drinkers on their toes so we won't have the same lager on twice running. We have served Hacker Pschoor, Paulaner, Dortmunder, Krombacher, plus a mixed bag of other German lagers once a quarter from Bamburg in the heart of Franconia. From Belgium we have had Campus, Bavo, Palm. Stiegl from Austria. Longboard from Hawaii plus a selection of English Lagers. We are constantly looking for more unusual lagers to tempt your palatte


Like everything we sell our spirits change from time to time but we like to keep a range of gins and Fever Tree tonic to mix things up. We always have a Bourbon, blended scotch, dark and spiced rum, single malt and Irish whiskey, Bacardi, a couple of vodkas and the odd impulse buy.


Red, White, Rose and fizz are all available

Lomas Carrera Merlot Reserva - Chile
San Giorgio Montepulciano D'Abruzzo - Italy
Mountbridge Reserve Shiraz - Australia

Lomas Carrera Sauvignon Blanc - Chile
Domaine la Serre Pivpoul de Pinet - France
San Giorgio Pinot Grigio - Italy
Lomas Carrera Chardonnay Reserva - Chile

San Giorgio Rose Pinot Grigio - Italy
Out of America Zinfandel Rose - USA

Prosecco available in large and small bottles

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