In the beginning there was nothing

Well actually a former solar panel shop that used to be a post office.  The original post office counter was still in place and I had planned to keep it.  Then I realised that a huge amount of customer space would be lost so it went, as did the door in the picture.  This is the start of an interesting build.

On the second day we soundproofed, and the third and the fourth......and the fifth.

On the sixth day there was much confusion.

But slowly from the confusion came order - of sorts.

On the seventh day all was good, the light shone, music sounded and Beryl the beer engine was primed and ready...

In The Beginning
Second Layer
But Slowly
On The Sixth
On The Seventh Day

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    12 to 9ish
  • Tuesday:
    12 to 10ish
  • Wednesday:
    12 to 9ish
  • Thursday:
    12 to 9ish
  • Friday:
    12 to 11pm
  • Saturday:
    12 to 11pm
  • Sunday:
    12 to 8pm
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